The most wonderful accommodation at Sun Moon Lake - SPA HOME Sun Moon Lake Luxury
Lakeside Hotel
As dawn breaks, a boat can be seen in a distance, making its way toward the center of the lake. The breeze
that creates ripples on the lake's surface feels cool and refreshing. It has become a habit of mine to be
amazed by the stunning view of Sun Moon Lake after making the last turn into the lake area. I always sigh as
my gaze returns to the boundary between the trees and the sky.But today, something caught my eye not far
away from the road. It is a structure with simple outlines. I wasted no time at all as I made my way to its
entrance.The gate revealed a design that was understated, but extravagant. The entrance of the building alone
would catch the eyes of any passerby. Seeing the sign at the entrance made me draw my breath SPA
HOME - the most talked-about accommodation at Sun Moon Lake that everyone on the internet recommends,
the famous hotel managed by a couple who decided to return to their hometown to run a B&B after the 921 Jiji
Earthquake that devastated Nantou. And now, I am looking at the legend with my own eyes - the history and
legacy of a beautiful story and hard work that lasted for almost 10 years. As a gesture of appreciation to all
the travelers who patronized SPA HOME, the hostess has spent over NT$10 million to renovate the hotel.
After 120 days of renovation and 4 months of non-operation, the exquisite hotel came into existence at Sun
Moon Lake. At the same location and operated with the same philosophies, the hotel now has a different
name and is the best accommodation at Sun Moon Lake.
Those who love the lake view at Sun Moon Lake will swear by how beautiful SPA HOME looks during the day.
But if you were to ask anyone who has stayed at the hotel, he or she would undoubtedly tell you that SPA
HOME is even more romantic and charming in the evening. Here at SPA HOME, the owners have always
been grateful for the hotel's unique geographical location, because it is situated right next to Shueishe Wharf
at Sun Moon Lake. From the French windows in the Caf?, visitors will be able to gaze at Lalu Island on the
lake and the surrounding mountains in the distance. Standing tall amidst the mountains, the Ci En Pagoda
looks more solemn than ever. The stunning views of the lake, complemented by the mist, resemble a beautiful
lady with her face concealed by a thin veil.
The all-new SPA HOME Sun Moon Lake Luxury Lakeside Hotel is the fruit of painstaking effort in overall
planning, design and construction by Tien Fun Interior Planning Co., Ltd., a renowned interior design firm in
central Taiwan. The team has ingeniously turned the relatively small site into a hotel with all rooms overlooking
lake, solving the problem of some rooms not overlooking the lake. All guestrooms have been decorated with
different themes and colors (platinum, jet black, pure white, silver and gold), complete with exquisite furniture,
light fixtures and ambient lighting. The seemingly random placement of flowers and plants also reflects the
attention to detail that the hostess has given the interior decoration at SPA HOME and her wish to ensure that
every guests be more than satisfied with the environment she has created. SPA HOME takes pride in
providing the most friendly and thoughtful service in the hopes of helping guests truly relax during their
vacation. In addition to the delectable set meals that the hostess and chef have come up with, if you are a fan
of premium coffee, you might want to take a break here and enjoy the picturesque views of the lake while
sipping a cup of piping hot coffee ( the finest coffee beans cultivated in Italy ). Or, if you are used to
travelling by yourself with just a notebook, an iPhone and a camera in your backpack along with a casual T-
shirt and baseball cap, why not take a day off, drive or take the Taiwan High Speed Railway to visit SPA
HOME to relax? SPA HOME is also a great place for travelers who prefer solitude. One thing that's
noteworthy about the guestrooms at SPA HOME is the fact that every room has a bathtub that overlooks the
lake. Now, taking a shower in the comfort of the guestroom is just like bathing in the natural scenery of the
lake and surrounding mountains: The experience is guaranteed to cleanse your heart and soul.
After renovation, SPA HOME now has nine lake view suites. But in order to be fair to individual travelers, the
hostess and designers also planned rooms to accommodate four guests so as to cater to small families or
friends traveling in groups. If you enjoy nothing more than playing a couple of rounds of Mahjong with your best
friends, you will be thrilled by what I am about to tell you: The hostess has prepared one living room (aptly
named "Tale of Wood") at the hotel for visitors who wish to party. Thanks to the sound isolation panels in the
room, you can make as much noise as you want without having to worry about disrupting the peace and quiet
of your fellow visitors.
Insisting on providing the best enjoyment to visitors, the hostess has introduced SPA treatments and insists
on providing aromatherapy with 100% natural essence oil. All the treatments use only premium products by
AYUS GmbH (a renowned manufacturer of essence oil) that have been chosen by other established SPA
treatment venues such as The Horizon Spa at Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Canjune at Spring Park Hotel.
Founded by Dr. Malte Hozzel, who earned his degree from Heidelberg University, AYUS GmbH has signed
exclusive contracts with more than 100 orchards in 35 countries around the world to produce 100% natural
essence oil that are free of additives. With AYUS' 100% natural essence oil, therapists create an aromatic
environment that will sooth all your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste). The layered and gradual
aroma from the essence oil will help your body to relax fully. Because of her avid interest in the field, the
hostess of SPA Home has received extensive training in SPA aromatherapy and has developed a unique
perspective in SPA aromatherapy. From the introduction of fingertip massage in the past to the techniques of
lymphatic drainage, SPA HOME Sun Moon Lake Luxury Lakeside Hotel has devoted painstaking effort to the
perfection of its SPA therapies and takes great pride in them.
Operating for almost a decade, SPA HOME has always insisted on providing the best services and
accommodations for visitors. As such, in addition to the extremely soft and comfortable mattresses and linens
and the gentle touches of the aroma therapists, SPA HOME has also gone as far as to import
personal care products from France at the insistence of the hostess. Not only that, every guestroom at SPA
HOME has been furnished with exquisite recliners that are key piece of furniture. Now that every room has
views of the lake thanks to the large, frameless French windows, the designers have especially reserved the
best spot in the room for recliners and visitors will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views right in the comfort
of their rooms, without having to worry about chilliness at night or insects that run rampant in the area.
Visitors will now able to enjoy a drink or engage in pleasant chit-chat with a full view of Sun Moon Lake in their
own room.
The establishment would like to urge interested visitors to check in early or change their schedules to stay at
SPA HOME for an extra day, because when you go, you won't want to miss the magnificent views of Sun
Moon Lake in the afternoon. The designers have incorporated large French windows as the main item of
attraction to appeal to visitors and they are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the exquisite lake views.
When you return to work after having fully recharging yourself at SPA HOME, I am confident that memories of
the hotel and its incredible beauty will inspire you to return in the near future.
Recommended by Chiyori Honou, 2010. 04.