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Guestroom amenities
SPA Home has made a special effort to enlist the expertise of Tien Fun Interior Planning Co., Ltd. (headed
by renowned designer Zhang Qing-Ping) and entrusted the team with the entire renovation project (including
planning, design and so forth).Thanks to their effort, rooms on all floors have unobstructed views of the lake.
Every room available at the hotel has a direct, unobstructed view of the lake. Guests will be able to gaze at
Ci En Pagoda and listen to the water splashing against the banks with views of Sun Moon Lake right in their
comfort of their own rooms.
Every guestroom has been exquisitely planned and designed by renowned interior designers so that guests
may indulge in chic, understated extravagance while on vacation.
Every guestroom is furnished with central air conditioning with a temperature control device and a
Every suite features large LCD TVs, electric kettle, premium Puli Tea and UCC Coffee from Japan.
Evian bottled mineral water imported from France is provided in all guest rooms.
Premium Hermes shower and personal care products imported from France are provided for
All suites are equipped with independent showroom and guests can choose between using the bathtub or
shower, which is complete with a personal hair dryer.
Shop with wireless Internet access.
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