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Reservation process
Directions on room reservation
1. Reservation hours: 08:00 - 22:00. Please call to make your reservation; be sure to leave your name
and telephone number.
2. Wire the deposit to the designated account within three days after making the reservation.
3. On the remittance receipt, state the reservation date along with your name and fax it to SPA Home to
complete the reservation process.
4. Room reservation made by telephone will be canceled without prior notice if the deposit is not paid or if the
remittance receipt is not faxed to SPA Home as required.
5. A deposit ( 30% of the corresponding room rate ) is required for room reservation.
Reservation cancellation
1. Room deposit will not be refunded if guest fails to check in on the scheduled date.
2. Guests may extend their reservation (once, for no longer than three months) by notifying SPA Home a
week before the scheduled date.
3. SPA Home will refund room deposits (after deducting a 10% processing fee) for cancellations made one
week before the reservation (alternatively, guests may delay their reservation once for no longer than three
4. SPA Home will reserve the deposit for three months if guests are unable to check in due to force majeure,
such as natural disasters. Guests may choose to delay their reservation and if the new reservation date is
not viable, the deposit will be refunded in full.〈Local government's official announcement shall be the basis
to determine the occurrence of natural disasters.
Changes to room reservations
If you wish to make changes to the date for checking in at the hotel after completing the reservation process,
please dial ( 049 ) 2855166 a week before the scheduled date and our customer service representatives will
be pleased to assist you.
Reservation hotline
For details pertaining to accommodation, please call: ( 049 ) 2855166
Designated account for room deposit
Fax the remittance receipt after you have made the wire transfer to ( 049 ) 2855577 (Reservation Center).
Name of bank Taiwan Cooperative Bank / Puli Branch Bank code: 006
Acc. No. 0700 - 765 - 403 - 644
Acc. Name Hu Shan-Wen
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