Italian Gourmet Japanese Nabemono Handmade Pastry Snack drinks Tipsy Cocktails
Handmade Pastrywith thick, delicious soup and beverage (black tea or fruit juice)
Focaccia w / Smoked Chicken
Focaccia w / Canadian Ham
Focaccia w / Black Pepper Beef
Focaccia w / Tuna Salad
Danish Croissant w / Smoked Chicken
Danish Croissant w / Canadian Ham
Danish Croissant w / Black Pepper Beef
Danish Croissant w / Tuna Salad
The minimum spending for each patron is NT$ 200.
Patrons ordering set meals wishing to change the beverage to other drinks on the menu may enjoy a
discount of NT$ 80 ( Spirits & Cocktails excluded )
Please noteOutside food and beverage and card playing is not permitted in the premise.
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