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Facial Therapy
Product declaration
All our treatments use only premium products by AYUS GmbH (a renowned manufacturer of essence oil) that
have been chosen by other established SPA treatment venues such as The Horizon Spa at Far Eastern Plaza
Hotel and Canjune at Spring Park Hotel.Found by Dr. Maltz Hozzel whom earned his degree from Heidelberg
University, AYUS GmbH has signed exclusive contract with more than 100 orchards in 35 countries over the
world to produce 100% natural essence oil that is free of additives.
Therapy description
Complexion Awakening60 minutes$ 2,000
The therapy includesmakeup removal, fundamental cleansing, removal of dead skin tissues, essence oi
lymphatic drainage massage, facial with active volcanic mud, facial nourishment, hand and head massage.
Benefits of the therapycomplete removal of toxins from the face, tightens the dermis and improves
muscle elasticity.
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Lotus Breaking The Surface30 minutes$ 1,000
( This therapy is meant as a complement for body therapy )
The therapy includesin-depth cleansing, essence oil lymphatic drainage massage, plant essence skin
care, facial nourishment and head massage.
Benefits of the therapyfacilitates reconstruction of facial skin tissues during changing of seasons to
keep one's face hydrated and nourished.
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Notes on reservation
The rates above include 5% sales tax
To safeguard the rights of customers and therapists, reservation is required for all therapies and customers are
reminded to be punctual for their sessions. No extensions will be made to compensate for delay due to
customers' late arrival.
The duration of all therapies does not include the time needed to change apparel and shower. Guests with
reservation for therapies are advised to change and shower in their rooms before going for their sessions.
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