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Can you imagine how difficult and self-indulging it would be for a city dweller to escape the hassles of urban
life and enjoy a session of professional SPA and massage therapy in the heart of a serene natural
environment surrounded by mountains and a beautiful lake?
Here at SPA HOME, we offer you an opportunity to enjoy the gentle caress of mountain breeze by the banks
of Sun Moon River as you gaze upon the blue sky and listen to the splash of the tides. This is where you will
be able to get away from the bustling city lifestyle and thoroughly relax yourself by indulging in the
aromatherapy we provide. With essence oil extracted from organically cultivated vegetations and the gentle
and soothing techniques of our professional therapists, your body, mind and soul shall be fully cleansed and
SPA HOME has introduced orthodox SPA treatments and insists on providing aromatherapy with 100%
natural essence oil. All our treatments use only premium products by AYUS GmbH (a renowned manufacturer
of essence oil) that have been chosen by other established SPA treatment venues such as The Horizon Spa
at Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Canjune at Spring Park Hotel.Founded by Dr. Malte Hozzel whom earned his
degree from Heidelberg University, AYUS GmbH has signed exclusive contract with more than 100 orchards in
35 countries over the world to produce 100% natural essence oil that is free of additives.
With AYUS' 100% natural essence oil, our therapists will create an aromatic environment that will sooth all
your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste). The layered and gradual aroma from the essence oil will
help your body to relax fully.
So what are you waiting for?
Pay a visit to SPA HOME Sun Moon Lake Luxury Lakeside Hotel and release the pressure and stress that
have pent up in your body for so long.
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