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1. Timetable for Nantou Bus Transportation's "Taichung- Puli - Sun Moon Lake Provincial Highway No. 6
Express" service.
Nantou Bus Transportation / Puli stop:( 049 ) 2984031
2. Timetable for Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation's "Sun Moon Lake - Taipei" service.
Effective from December 11, 2008, the original Taipei to Puli route (8:00) has been changed to Taipei to Sun
Moon Lake
Effective from December 11, 2008, the return service from Taipei to Puli has been changed to Taipei to Sun
Moon Lake (13:30, from Sun Moon Lake - Taipei)
On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, one additional service from Taipei to Sun Moon Lake and Sun Moon
Lake to Taipei will be available (departing at 9:30 and 14:50 respectively)
Fare:NT$ 480 per adult
Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation / Taipei stop:(02) 23119893
Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation / Puli stop:(049) 2982131
3. Schedule for Feng Rong Bus's "Puli-Sun Moon Lake-Shueili" services.
Puli - Sun Moon Lake:Full fare NT$ 54
Sun Moon Lake - Shueili:Full fare NT$ 49
Puli - Shueili:full fare NT$ 103
Feng Rong Bus / Puli Stop:049-2990407
Feng Rong Bus / Sun Moon Lake Stop:049-2855219
Feng Rong Bus / Shueili Stop: 049-2774609
4. Schedule for Ren You Bus' "Taichung - Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village -Sun Moon Lake"
Taichung ─ Yuchih ─ Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village: Round trip fare: NT$ 330, full fare NT$ 180,
concession fare NT$ 90
Sun Moon Lake - Yuchih, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village: Full fare NT$ 21, concession fare NT$ 11
Taichung ─ Yuchih ─ Sun Moon Lake: round trip fare: NT$ 350, full fare NT$ 200, concession fare NT$ 100
Ren You Bus / Taichung stop:(04)22255166
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